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Pembroke Welsh Corgi History
The Corgi from Pembrokeshire is a breed of considerable antiquity.  The direct ancestors of the Pembroke were brought across the channel in 1107 by Flemish weavers.  

Welsh folklore says the corgi is the preferred mount of fairy warriors.  There is also a folk legend that says corgis were a gift from the woodland fairies, and that the breed's markings were left on its coat by fairy harnesses and saddles.  Corgis often have a marking, a white stripe, that runs from the nose, through the eyes, and up into the forehead; this marking is referred to as their blaze. The white marking on the back of their neck is the fairy saddle.

AKC Standard
Low-set, strong and sturdily built, the Pembroke Welsh Corgi gives an impression of substance in a small space. He is one of the most agreeable small house dogs, as well as an avid competitor in many dog sports, including conformation, herding and obedience. The Pembroke Corgi is a separate breed from the Cardigan Corgi, possessing a shorter body and straighter, lighter boned legs. His ears are pointed at the tip and stand erect, and he has a short tail. The coat can be red, sable, fawn, black and tan with or without white markings.

​The Pembroke is one of the most agreeable of small house dogs. It has an affectionate nature, but does not force its attentions upon those unwilling to accept them. Its intelligence is undoubted, and it is a remarkably alert, ever-vigilant guard of the fireside. 
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