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About Corey's Corgis
Corey found us over Thanksgiving in 2010.  She has brought so much love and joy to our family we will be forever grateful.

We have lived out in the country since 1982 and have raised our children on the family farm that we call "Elliottville".  My parents,  grandmother  and brother and his family have houses in Elliottville as well.

Over the years we have had several stray dogs make home at our place. In November of 2010 we were fortunate enough to have the cutest little red corgi decide this was her home. Corey had a collar and a cute little pink heart that said "Corey" and an AKC tag number. We called and found her true owners and they came and picked her up. Over the next four days she would continue to get out of their fence and make her way back to Elliottville.  She picked us and her owners agreed -- Yippeee!!!

Our journey began and we quickly fell in love with this smart,  loyal companion. Our youngest son, Cory was the first to find her herding his horses and was the one that knew right away that she was "his" dog - and how cute that they had the same name.  So after about a year our older son was really wanting a corgi to call his own. We set out to find Corey a boyfriend. We found Shotgun and Corey had her first liter, only 2 puppies, including our son Cade's little red and white male corgi.  We have since had two more liters of the cutest, smartest little companion/working dogs that we have ever had the pleasure of owning.

We all agree that Corey is so cute, smart, loyal, loving  and is one of the best working dogs we have ever known and that it is worthwhile to continue her bloodline and offer her puppies to other loving homes.  She is a petite female (18 lbs) and actually considered a "sable", she was born December 14, 2009.  Please enjoy looking at our photos and enjoy our stories.

Happy Tails,
Sandy, Shane, Cade, Cory and Corey & Cade
Corey's immediate family. Cade (holding little Cade), Shane, Sandy, Corey and Cory.
Corey's whole family at home in Elliotttville for Thanksgiving.
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